Saturday, 19 May 2012

Adventurous holiday destinations for kids

Kids are most excited about travelling so why not plan the vacation keeping in mind the interest of your child. A holiday is a fun time for children where they can explore lots of new things and enjoy a variety of activities that appeal them. Parents find it confusing to choose one destination that will be liked by the kids and they will have a great time. So here Yatra Unlimited brings the top destinations which you can pick this holiday.

Hong Kong – Hong Kong is a superb destination for the entire family but kids can have a stupendous time here. Disneyland of Hong Kong is very popular so do not forget to take your kids where they can discover electrifying activities, unique rides and other fun filled tourists . Mystic point and adventure land are two famous attractions that you should not miss.

Naples, Italy – Some of the children like visiting museums so Naples is an ideal place for them. It is because Naples has the finest museums that have brilliant collections of exclusive sculptures. Art lovers will find this fascinating as it showcases mind-blowing forms of art. 

Scotland – Scotland is known for its beautiful theme as well as amusement parks. Not only the local residents but even the visitors love coming here. Kids can find some interesting activities including natural as well as outdoor activities that can make the trip thrilling for your children

Spain – It is called as the classic country and has loads of natural wonders, museums and fun activities which the kids can explore along with their family. Spain is a complete destination as it has all the elements of making a perfect trip . Kayaking and under water diving can be enjoyed by your kids together with the exotic spots like Costa Blance.

Orlando – African Safari is one of the well known attractions of Orlando and visitors from all over the world like to enjoy it. You can explore more than 100 exotic species of animals and is definitely enjoyable experience for children. Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge also presents plenty of handicrafts and exclusive art works that catch the attention of the viewers. 

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